Men have it hard

Men have it hard and women have it hard. What is actually making it hard for all of us is the patriarchy. The patriarchy is responsible for the high levels of suicides in men and the low levels of pay for women relative to men. It is responsible for boys shunning pink and for girls… Read more Men have it hard

Twin Sciatica

After half an hour knelt awkwardly in front of my theatre seat in the dress circle of one of the most beautiful Opera Houses in the UK I realised I couldn’t make it to the interval. One leg was numb even though I had quietly, painstakingly and self-consciously removed my shoes. I had already apologised… Read more Twin Sciatica

Who’s got the kids?

It really irritates me when I’m out alone and people who know me (usually men) ask me who’s got the kids. I think the clear assumption is my husband. And would you ever say that to a man? I was at an industry awards work do this week and I bumped into a fellow parent from my… Read more Who’s got the kids?