Hello and welcome to my website. I am an ambitious career woman and I am also a mother of four young children. These two things ARE compatible.

I was inspired to start this website when I featured on an HBR podcast in January 2018 discussing the need for flexible working patterns for mothers (and parents in general) and whether it is possible ‘to be a sales director on 4 days a week’. It occurred to me that ‘mother’ and ‘ambition’ are not usually words that go together. You could even go as far as saying that ‘career ambition’ is considered a dirty word when it comes to motherhood.

It is well documented that the gender pay gap does not arise from a ‘female/male’ discrepancy but a ‘mother/everyone else’ discrepancy. The gender pay gap is a result of a societal expectation that women should be the primary caregivers when a couple decide to have children. This is the point at which the pay gap starts to widen.

So this website is about normalising ambitious mothers, creating a space where we can support each other, and encouraging less women to drop out of the workplace once they have children.