It’s official. I’m going to write about this shit.

My MBA has weighed heavily on my free time over the last 18 months so it was with a heavy heart that I wrote another assignment that concluded with the importance of our business bringing alive the company values for all employees, the importance of a proper strategy (not just a few words) outside of Brand, and the importance of CSR (yawn). I was feeling pretty low about the pending dissertation topic of ‘customer strategy’ that would probably conclude the same as all the others.

In the background I have been getting excitable on Twitter about gender stereotyping and connecting with other women who have experienced the undeniable workplace aversion to their being ‘ambitious’ and being a ‘mother’. I joined the Fawcett Society, volunteered for a local TEDX and attended the launch of the Fawcett-Pankurst scorecard that’s measuring improvements in gender equality in Greater Manchester (with a goal to being the best place to be a woman by 2028. I’ll be 46. Bring it on.)

And all the time I feel this need to read and write about how the workplace was designed for a male workforce in the 1950s (also suggested by Mary Portas in Work Like a Woman) and just doesn’t meet the needs of women (mothers!) nowadays on so many levels (culturally, practically, ideologically).

So, I have taken the decision to change my dissertation topic to: ‘Why are women are dropping out of the work place after having children?’ I’m going to find out the 4 or 5 main reasons and give recommendations for change. I particularly want to understand the effects of gender stereotyping, the institutional factors in our own organisations, government policy and the impact of our immediate social group.

So now I need to find my niche by reading every bloody thing there is on the topic out there.

Recommendations please!


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